With a huge and constantly changing range of available materials, particularly liner thicknesses and characteristics, the challenge to consistently produce high quality die cutting gets ever more difficult.  An adjustable anvil system allows the gap between cutting edge and anvil to be finely tuned to help produce the perfect result.

The construction of the SmartGap system has been specifically designed to be highly stable, even when cutting through or at high production speeds.  Moreover the system is extremely low maintenance, and removal and re-installation can be done easily and with minimum machine downtime.

Flexible and simple to operate

The unit has two controls which individually adjust the gap at gear side and/or operator side in order to compensate for uneven wear as well as fluctuations/variations in material thickness.  Adjustments are made in 1 micron steps, so even the smallest corrections can be achieved, either during production or at machine standstill.


  • Simple adjustment of air gap.  System consists of adjustable anvil cylinder and support roller, both hardened and featuring solid construction.
  • Adjustment range +/- 80 microns.
  • Individual adjustment on both sides, at standstill or during production.
  • Minimum size 80z (1/8" CP).
  • Suitable for back cutting.


  • Highly stable and low maintenance.
  • Cutting through also possible without problems.
  • Minimal resonance/vibration issues.
  • No temperature increase in cylinder.
  • Simple removal and re-installation.


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