supercut flexible dies
supercut flexible dies

Flexible Dies

Our SuperCut flexible dies are meticulously engineered using specially developed, state of the art CNC technology ensuring uncompromising standards of accuracy.  Every flexible we produce is carefully manufactured with microscopic precision to exactly suit your material specification and application needs.

Our extensive range of flexible dies consists of…



Far from entry level quality, our FD-PRECISION dies feature perfectly matched cutting heights and angles adapted for individual requirements.  Suitable for flatbed or rotary/semi-rotary die stations, kiss cut lines, cut through lines,  perforations (including micro perforations) and even crease lines can be combined on the same die so that complex cutting tasks can be achieved in a single operation.


In addition to standard cutting angles, we also produce flexible dies with especially sharp profiles and even compound ‘multi-angle’ cutting edges for difficult materials such as those with PET23/PET30 liners.



FD-LASER dies combine all the advantages of FD-PRECISION with an additional laser hardening process, whereby the tip of the cutting edge is hardened by a carefully controlled laser.  Recommended for cut through dies, abrasive or difficult to cut materials (e.g. thermal papers) or medium length print runs



FD-CHROME dies combine all the advantages of FD-PRECISION with an additional treatment consisting of a specially developed hard chrome composite coating which is applied by Galvano technique, achieving a hardness of approx. 1200 HV.  Recommended for cutting very abrasive materials, tough ink bleeds (warm red, opaque white etc) or long print runs



FD-ULTIMATE dies display all the advantages of FD-PRECISION with the combined additional benefits of both FD-LASER + FD-CHROME.  Arguably the hardest wearing, longest lasting flexible die you can buy.  Recommended for combinations of difficult materials, ink bleeds etc. or very long print runs.


All of the above are available with one of our range of NON-STICK COATINGS.  These provide the additional benefit of minimising adhesive and/or ink residues building up along the cutting edges

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