Finishing Options

MC Coating

Our specially designed Micro Coating (MC) is perfect for cutting abrasive thermal materials, particularly for long-run jobs.  The MC coating greatly reduces abrasion of the flexible die and significantly increases the useful life of tools.

Laser Hardening

The cutting edge of the flexible die is heated using a laser and then cooled.  This produces a hardness of 66-68 HRC at the tip, which minimises wear.  Laser hardening is generally recommended for through-cutting, synthetic materials that are difficult to cut and for long-run jobs.

Non-stick Coating

Our range of non-stick coatings minimise the residues that can build up on the cutting edges and die surface, which makes for a smooth production process.  We can help choose the correct non-stick coating for your application.

MCR (Micro Chrome) Coating

Our MCR is a specially developed hard chrome composite coating applied by galvano technique, which considerably increases the service life of your flexible dies, making it an ideal option when converting particularly abrasive materials, difficult ink bleeds or long runs.

The above coatings can be combined i.e. Laser Hardening + MCR Coating - possibly the hardest wearing, longest lasting flexible die you can buy!

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